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“When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves”
– Viktor E Frankl
I invite you to commence this beautiful counselling journey with me towards becoming  whole again
Anxiety  that doesn’t seem to go away
Feeling traumatized, broken and needing someone to talk to.
Relationship issues, not sure where to start.
Unable to cope with life’s burdens, it’s all so over whelming.
Looking for solutions to conflicts when nothing seems to work.

Faye Alphonso CounsellingHello, my name is Faye Alphonso and I am a Registered Counsellor/Psychotherapist with the Australian Counselling Association at Level 2.  I am also a mother of two grown up gentlemen, a mother-in-law of two beautiful ladies and the grandmother of a beautiful little girl.  I come to the counselling session with years of experience behind me – as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist counselling both youth and adults, as a qualified Business Manager and experienced Resources/Operations Manager, as an Educator in the Mental Health/AOD area and with life experience as a wife and mother.

The healing that Faye Alphonso Counselling offer is characterized with complete sincerity and commitment to ensure that you are healed wholeheartedly.  It is positive, compassionate and meaningful.  I go to the root of the issues/problems and work upwards so that you get an understanding of why you feel the way you feel or just meaning to events that have left you feeling overwhelmed and powerless..  This could be about circumstances in your life or any issue of concern that is impacting on your peace of mind.  We will work together on healing your troubled mind and empowering you to achieve peace of mind and wholeness. You will learn techniques to help you build your resilience and bounce back from life’s hard knocks. Of this I can assure you.  I take a personal interest in making sure that when you leave the first session you will feel that you have commenced a journey that will help make you whole again.  Some people feel well again after about 3 sessions, others feel they need a few more.  Each person is different, so if you need help and I can help you, please do contact me.

To make an appointment, just email me, giving me your email address or phone number and I will respond with a date and time.

Counselling sessions are done in the privacy and convenience of your own home via your computer.  I will connect with you at the appointment time via a software package called “Go-to-Meeting” which is secure.  Confidentiality is maintained at all times as per my Code of Ethics as a Counsellor. If however, you wish to see me face-to-face, this can also be arranged at the time you make your initial contact with me.


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